Personalised eCards for Every Occasion

Send personalised eCards online for any occasion, help save the planet and donate the costs of cards and postage. Discover our extensive range of online eCards and the great causes we support.

Birthday eCards

Cartoon dog 'That's a lot of dog years!' funny dog birthday ecard
Hare coming out of warren 'Another year, another grey hare!' funny wildlife birthday ecard
Orangutan with leaf on his head 'Happy Birthday!' funny birthday ecard
Wallace from Wallace & Gromit in space 'Happy Birthday!' birthday ecard
Giraffe 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard
Model of Gromit from Wallace & Gromit with tea and cake and bunting 'Happy Birthday' ecard
Cupcake animated 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard
Watermelon holding ice lolly 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard
Dinosaur and snail blow out candles animated birthday ecard
Rabbit holding birthday cake with candles 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard
Tree topped cake dripping icing trees 'Happy Birthday!' birthday ecard
Dogs cartoon 'Happy birthday' birthday ecard
Horse galloping in field 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard
Sooty, Sweep and Sue around birthday cake 'Sooty Happy Birthday' birthday ecard
Dog licking chops 'Did somebody say cake?!' funny birthday ecard
Gin bottles tied to balloons 'Let the celebrations be-gin' birthday ecard
Birthday ecard bees flying around sunflower 'Happy birthday!' birthday ecard

Father's Day eCards

Dog 'Best dog Dad' Father's day ecard Dogs Trust UK
Wallace & Gromit 'Cracking Job!' Father's day ecard
Donut holding ice lolly 'Yo Daddio' Father's day ecard
Armed forces 'To my hero on Father's Day' Father's day card
Bears reading cartoon Father's day card
Trees Father's day card
'Ape-y Father's Day!' Father's day ecard
Gorilla 'It's your day to relax' Father's day ecard
Dog in helmet with goggles on top Father's day ecard
Family walking in nature Father's day ecard
Gromit from Wallace & Gromit in top hat 'Top Dad' Father's day ecard
Illustrative Father's day ecard
Puppy Father's day ecard
Wallace from Wallace & Gromit in space 'Dad, you're out of this world' Father's day ecard
Man in canoe with dog 'You're the best dog dad ever!' Father's day ecard
To the best father Father's Day ecard
Apes 'Happy Father's Day' Father's day ecard
Dogs 'Thanks for all the advice' Father's day card

Animated eCards

Animation of people decorating tree 'Merry Christmas' animated Christmas eCard
Cartoon dog 'have a paw-fect day' funny dog animated birthday ecard
Watermelon holding ice lolly 'Happy Birthday' animatd birthday ecard

Thank You eCards

'Thanks loads' thank you ecard by Emily Coxhead
Wallace & Gromit Thank You ecard
Penguins hug thank you ecard
Homeless dog hug teddy thank you ecard
Orangutan hanging upside down Thank you ecard
Dog lick thank you ecard
Elephants Pattern Thank you ecard
Sooty and Sweep thank you ecard
Thank you very much! ecard
Horse-some thank you ecard
Thank you ecard
Thank you! Thanks ecard
Joanna Lumley thank you ecard design
Sir Quentin Blake card design
Gerald Scarfe card design
Alex Scarfe card design

Congratulations eCards

Wallace & Gromit Congratulations ecard
Hooray You Did It Congratulations ecard
Animals Congratulations ecard
Cupcake Congratulations ecard
Wedding Congratulations ecard
Engagement Congratulations ecard

Anniversary eCards

Horse Happy Anniversary ecard
Wedding Congratulations ecard
Wedding Congratulations ecard
Turtle happy anniversary ecard

Wedding eCards

Engagement Congratulations ecard
Save the date wedding ecard
Hooray You Did It Congratulations ecard
Wedding Congratulations ecard

Good Luck eCards

Dog jump at the chance good luck ecard
Horseshoe good luck ecard
Four leaf clover good luck ecard
Lurcher good luck ecard

Get Well Soon eCards

Feeling ruff dog get well ecard
Wallace & Gromit Get Well ecard
Feel roarsome soon Get Well ecard
Get Well soon! dog ecard
Get Well soon flowers ecard

Blank eCards for Any Occasion

'Just be kind' ecard by Anna Lewis aka Sketchy Muma
Clarissa Hulse design blank ecard
SSAFA Tower Bridge blank ecard
Orangutan thumbs up blank ecard
Donkeys artistic blank ecard
Beach scene dogs blank ecard
Squirrel gift blank ecard

Mother's Day eCards

Staffy dog with flowers in mouth 'I dug these up for you' Mother's Day ecard
Donut in sunglasses holding lolly 'Hey sugar' Mother's Day ecard
Dog in heart shape 'Happy Mother's Day' Mother's Day ecard
Rabbit in field 'Hoppy Mother's Day' Mother's Day ecard
Mother and child in heart shape 'Happy Mother's Day' Mother's day ecard
Orangutan mother holding baby 'Happy Mother's Day' Mother's day ecard
Gromit from Wallace & Gromit 'You're bloomin' lovely' Mother's Day ecard
'Love you, Mum' Mother's Day ecard
Wildlife Mother's Day ecard
'You're my pot of gold' Mother's Day ecard
Mother's day ecard 'Have a lovely day'
Poppies Mother's day ecard
Cat and dog 'Thank you for always having my back Mum' Mother's day ecard
Chimps Mother's day ecard
Poppy Mother's Day ecard
Dog 'Thank you for always picking up my poo!' Mother's day ecard
Bug and baby bug Mother's day ecard
'Mum's are like buttons they hold everything together' Mother's day ecard
Hare 'I get my good hare from you' funny Mother's Day ecard USA
Project Chimps Mother's Day ecard USA
Mother's Day ecard
'You are the cat's Meow' Mother's Day ecard Tree House Cats USA
Mother Elephant and baby Mother's Day ecard USA

Valentine's Day eCards

Bookworm Valentine's Day ecard
Royal Navy Royal Marines Valentine's Day ecard
Horse 'Hay Stud' Happy Valentine's Day ecard
Rabbit 'Will you be my Valentine' Valentine's Day ecard
Armed Forces wooden plane 'Happy Valentine's Day' ecard
Ladybird 'To my lovebug' Valentine's Day ecard
Lightbulb in heart shape 'You light up my world' Valentine's Day ecard
Space alien 'I love you to the moon and back' Valentine's Day ecard
Apes sniffing flower 'Happy Valentine's Day!' ecard
Cartoon ghost 'You're my boo' Valentine's Day ecard
Tree heart shape red leave Valentine's Day ecard
Rubbing noses kiss Valentine's Day ecard
Two hedgehogs 'Sending you hedgehugs' Valentine's Day ecard
Forever Hounds heart background Valentine's Day ecard
Valentine's Day hearts ecard

Easter eCards

Dog in sunflower 'Happy Easter' ecard
White fluffy cute rabbit 'Happy Easter' ecard Shelter
Ducklings following mother duck 'Have a Quacking Easter' Easter ecard
Easter eggs in flowers Easter ecard
Happy Easter ecard flowers
'Wishing you an eggs'stra special Easter 'Easter ecard
Renewable 'Happy Easter to you!' Easter ecard
Visually impaired 'Happy Easter' Easter ecard
'Happy Easter' deaf blind Easter ecard
Daffodils 'Happy Easter' Easter ecard
Easter chicks with egg baskets 'Happy Easter' Easter ecard

Alternative Gifts

Or donate both the cost of a card and present.

African gift of stove alternative gift
Animal being fed alternative gift
Chimp feeding alternative gift

Select a Charity to Support

Gingerbread house Christmas ecard
Monkey Holding Balloons Birthday ecard
Santa reindeer dancing Christmas ecard

These general eCard designs are available when your charity hasn't created their own designs so you can still support them.

About the ecard designs

How does it work?

After you choose a charity card design above you then:

• Donate what you would have spent on greeting cards
• This is via PayPal or credit card
• You can then finalise and send your e-cards

What volume of ecards do I get?

You are assigned a volume of up to 100 e-cards to send. Or for single cards a volume of up to 5.

Can I personalise the ecard text?

Yes. You can change your personal ecard message between sends or send the same message to everyone in one hit.

This customisable feature is an important distinction between our comprehensive ecard platform versus other solutions who are unable to offer this ability.

Can I see if they are sent and opened?

Yes we now have delivery reports available showing you the status of each of your ecard sends.

What if I want to come back later to send?

Once you've made your donation you can come back anytime to send your charity e-greetings online in your account.

Why is this a good thing?

Feel good about making an eco choice for cards and celebrating the end of the year with a gift to your charity of the cost of cards. You are not out of pocket as you would have spent that amount on cards and stamps anyway!

You can now track your exact carbon savings in your account now. Find out more about saving carbon.

Where can I find more information?

Head on over to our FAQ in our docs section where you'll find lots more answers to your questions.

Send the perfect charity ecard online

If you can't find the perfect charity ecard in our gallery, you can also filter by charity instead of ecard design.

Contributors and charities

• Are you an illustrator, artist, or charity patron? Contribute your artwork to your charity and see serious funds raised with your talent
• Are you a charity? Upload your own designs at no cost via our innovative platform