Our Mission

To innovate the greeting card into the 21st century to help charities.

Why we're on a mission to re-think greetings

• We're driven by the cost of cards, stamps, and gifts, making a difference to causes
• We're passionate about building the best experience that makes people's lives easier
• We're mindful of a reduction in paper waste with a digital alternative

Our Vision

Where the celebration of occasions is enhanced by giving.

Why we have a vision for reciprocal giving

• The sentiment of a card is maintained if not increased with our system
• Printed charity cards can only offer a small percentage to the charity, typically 10-15%
• Easy way to support a charity that relies on donations with the cost of high-street goods

Our Values

We believe that

• Traditional industries can be challenged to support those that need help
• You don't always have to run a marathon or grow a moustache to make a difference
• Having to go to the shops again when you're busy can be a pain

What we want

People used to only rent movies or buy albums, but now they can access them from the comfort of home. But people still walk to the shops to buy cards. We want to become a household name online alternative to greeting cards.

We believe that giving the cost of each card to charity has distinct value. This is our differentiator to free e-card services or custom printed services.

Last but not least, we want you to join us! If you like what we stand for then why not make the switch from cards to e-cards:


Send e-cards and donate the cost of sending greeting cards.

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Receive donations in lieu of cards by becoming one of our listed charity partners.

Everything you need to raise funds in lieu of cards from your own account dashboard:

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Support your choice of charity with corporate Christmas e-cards.

Send corporate cards e-cards and engage employees in a paperless CSR effort:

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Cost of greeting cards

“An easy way to support a charity that relies on donations with the cost of high-street goods.”