JAN 2023

1750 charity partners

System improvements

JUNE 2023

A record $5,000 USD (£3,950 GBP) paid for an electronic greeting card


Share to WhatsApp

MAY 2022

Share to WhatsApp and Messenger features

FEB 2022

Card performance tool upgrade

System improvements

MAY 2022

System enhancements and improvements release


NOV 2021

1400 charity partners

Ecard delivery report

MAY 2021

Famous card contributions  from Sir Quentin Blake, Joanna Lumley, Jane Asher and more


NOV 2021

Project doubles in size 4 years in a row

Birthday reminders

MAY 2021

Automatic occasion reminders option added to user accounts


Ecard delivery report

JUL 2020

E-card delivery reporting feature released within user accounts

JUN 2020

Number of registered charity partners rises to 726

Fee scrapped

DEC 2020

5% fee scrapped after 1000 charities onboard

Wallace & Gromit

JUN 2020

Gallery range expanded including popular characters


OCT 2019

400 charity partners

Card performance tool

SEP 2019

Card artwork performance tool added to charity dashboard features

User account launch

OCT 2019

Launch of user account version – a complete online alternative to greeting cards

SEP 2019

Security of system bolstered along with additional mail server capabilities


SEP 2018

260 charity partners

Secure download

JAN 2018

Secure download implemented for Gift Aid and Email consent data

DEC 2018

Ability to fundraise in USD, CAD, AUD and EUR added

MAY 2018

GDPR compliant system update


Shelter logo

DEC 2017

Shelter raises record amount with 386% ROI

SEP 2017

100 charity partners

The Telegraph logo

DEC 2017

Featured as a trend by Mark Molloy in The Telegraph

SEP 2017

Corporate Christmas e-card option added with CSV and logo upload

Fundraising Platform

JULY 2017

Launch of charity account dashboard – becoming a full fundraising platform


SEP 2016

Getting noticed more for our innovation

JAN 2016

Addition of birthdays and other occasions after Christmas success

DEC 2016

Trial of corporate Christmas e-cards

University of Exeter logo

APR 2016

Invited to guest lecture at Business School annually


OCT 2015

30 charities on board for beta launch

APR 2015

Accepted on to the Seedbed Accelerator Programme at Dartington Hall

Charity ecard platform idea

NOV 2015

Our idea for a charity e-card platform goes live!

SEP 2015

We reveal the concept behind DontSendMeACard

JAN 2015

Pivot on the model based on testing and early adopters' feedback



OCT 2014

Carbon savings research produced for us by University of Exeter Centre for Business and Climate Solutions

MARCH 2014

1st prototype of site

DEC 2014

2nd iteration launched after extensive development effort

Initial Charity Partners

OCT 2014

3 initial charity partnerships formed to test giving model



JUNE 2013

Branding and initial visual identity

SEP 2013

Development roadmap


MAR 2013

Wireframes of system



OCT 2012

Initial idea sparked from overpriced £9.99 birthday greeting card

OCT 2012

Domain name secured

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