How it works

1. Choose a charity

Select a cause that means something to you, that you wish to support their important work with the cost of greeting cards.

2. Compose an e-card

Choose an e-card image, write a personal message, and choose how much you would have spent on cards.

3. Donate

You can then make your donation via PayPal or credit card. Donations are sent instantly to your designated charity.

4. Send your e-cards

You can then send up 100 e-cards to friends and family. You can send these all in one-hit, or one at a time. 

You can also edit the personal message by clicking on it below the e-card preview in the left sidebar.

5. Your e-card received

Friends, family, and colleagues, then receive your e-card image and personal message, and can see that you donated.

Note that we do not disclose the amount that you donated, so if you would like people to know we advise to explain your donation amount in your personal message.

Your e-card recipients are invited to follow your example and “Do the Same” and are linked back to the DontSendMeACard website, where they can send their own and maybe even reciprocate an e-card back to you!

We would love it if you encouraged people in your network to do the same as the potential reach and donation amount can vastly increase with you inviting the involvement from your network and contacts.

6. Your charity

That’s it! You’ve successfully and conveniently taken care of acknowledging a special occasion, and put what you would have spent on wasteful cards to great use!!

Each charity truly appreciates these donations in lieu of cards as they rely on donations to operate so that they can carry out their important work.

Select Your Charity

Benefits of DontSendMeACard

Send Your E-Cards And Give Back!