Alternative Charity Gifts
Donate the cost of a card and present

Card and present
Plant a Tree


Pays to plant an urban tree and grow greener, healthier, happier cities.

Protect Orangutans Alternative Gift Protect Orangutans


Sumatran SOS

Pays to help develop a conservation plan with a community in Sumatra.

Protect Elephants Alternative Gift Edit a Film



Pay for one day's production to edit EIA's powerful campaign films

Disabled child alternative gift Make Music


Jessie's Fund

Pays for a music therapy session for a disabled child

Doggie Dental Alternative Gift Buy a Doggie Dental



Pay for a hound to have a dental check up and polish

Chimpanzee Alternative Gift Feed a Chimp


Project Chimps

Pays to feed a chimp for a day. $7 a day per chimp.

Eco stove africa alternative gift Buy a Stove


Self help africa

Pays to buy a lifetime gift of an eco stove. More gifts.

Teddy alternative gift Send a Teddy



Pays for a vulnerable child who has few toys to receive a new teddy

Birds alternative gift Help SongBirds


Songbird Survival

Pays to help buy bird monitoring equipment

Wildlife alternative gift Feed Wildlife


Brent lodge

Pays to provide specialist formula or food for orphaned wildlife

Fareshare alternative gift Send Food



Pays to deliver 120 nutritious meals to vulnerable people

Visually impaired alternative gift Create a Visual Aid



Pays for a custom visual aid system to be developed for a young person

The Perfect Card & Present
For Any Special Occasion

Request a gift

You might not want a card and present for your birthday or occasion. If so, just select a gift above and send whoever is shopping for you the link.

Gifts for Christmas

You can purchase a gift for Christmas and send everyone an e-card that you've decided to purchase this instead of cards and presents this year.

Charity gifts questions

DontSendMeACard is about cards - why birthday charity gifts too?

Sometimes people send more than a greeting card for someone's birthday. You might send a greeting card with a gift card inside. Or an experience day voucher.

The point is that many get to a point in their life where they "don't want anything", but you still want to celebrate their birthday.

So by giving both the cost of sending them a card, and a present, the total amount can really do some good.

Should I ask the recipient if they would like this first?

Alternative charity gifts can be viewed in different ways by different people. It might be a good idea to send them the URL of the gift that you were thinking of buying them for their birthday or special occasion, to make sure that they are happy with the idea.

When will my charity receive the donated amount for the gift?

Straight away after you make your donation. From conversations we have had with our charity partners about the above amounts and what they can do, we know that this type of giving really does make a difference to charities that rely on donations.

I'm only looking to give the cost of a present to charity?

If you want to donate in lieu of a gift only, you can still do so using our alternative charity gift solution.

What occasions could I request a gift for?

Your birthday is the obvious one. Perhaps you're getting married and would prefer that people support your choice of cause with an alternative charity wedding gift. Or you've got everything sorted for your new arrival and would prefer for people to give a new baby alternative gift.

Whatever the occasion people are lining up to give you gifts for, you can always send them one of the URLs above and ask for the present cost to go to charity.

What does my recipient get for their special occasion with gifts?

After donating the gift amount, you are then assigned a volume of e-cards where you can send the recipient an e-card which includes the chosen image for the charity gift along with information about the work the cause performs.

You can choose to display how much you gave along with writing a special message.

Can I just add a higher donation amount to one of the e-cards in your gallery?

Yes you can give any amount when sending one of our charity e-card designs, so you can include an alternative birthday charity gift or christmas charity gift with your choice of charity e-card design instead.

"DontSendMeACard is a fantastic way of our supporters being able to send Birthday, Christmas and Greeting cards to their loved ones whilst doing something special to help our cause. We love being a part of it!"

Lauren Sanderson, Deputy Charity Manager, Rain Rescue

"We’re delighted to be receiving money that would otherwise be spent on greeting cards, preventing unnecessary waste. Every £1 donated to us provides 4 meals for vulnerable and hungry people using surplus food which would have otherwise been wasted."

Katie Greaves, ‎Corporate Development Coordinator, FareShare

"A great alternative to the £1.6bn spent annually on greeting cards in the UK."

Michael McGrath, CEO, Muscle Help Foundation