Famous Contributors

Cards designed by famous artists, actors, animators, and illustrators.

Koala in Santa hat 'The Best Gift is You!' Christmas ecard by Emily Coxhead

Card by
Emily Coxhead

Card by
Nick Park

Card by
Joanna Lumley OBE

Card by
Cordelia Hutchison

Card by
Sir Quentin Blake

'Thanks loads' thank you ecard by Emily Coxhead

Card by
Emily Coxhead

Card by
Emily Woodard

Card by
Claudia Winkleman

Card featuring
Sooty & Sweep

Card by
Sir Quentin Blake

Card by
Alex Scarfe

Card by
Gerald Scarfe

Card by
Jane Asher

Card by
Simone Carter

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About the Famous eCard Contributions

We Can Cardly Believe It

That we're hosting artwork created by the brilliantly talented Nick Park – creator of Wallace & Gromit, or national treasure Joanna Lumley.

These designs have been contributed in support of their supported charities to send exclusively on DontSendMeACard!

Incredible original illustrations by Gerald Scarfe CBE, Joanna Lumley OBE, Nick Park, Jane Asher, Emily Woodard and more

About Sending Your eCards

How does it work?

After you choose a charity card design above you then:

• Donate what you would have spent on greeting cards
• This is via PayPal or credit card
• You can then finalise and send your e-cards

What volume of ecards do I get?

You are assigned a volume of up to 100 e-cards to send.

Can I personalise the ecard text?

Yes. You can change your personal ecard message between sends or send the same message to everyone in one hit.

Can I see if they are sent and opened?

Yes we now have delivery reports available showing you the status of each of your ecard sends.

What if I want to come back later to send?

Once you've made your donation you can come back anytime to send your christmas charity e-greetings online in your account.

Why is this a good thing?

Feel good about making an eco choice for cards and celebrating the end of the year with a gift to your charity of the cost of cards. You are not out of pocket as you would have spent that amount on cards and stamps anyway!

You can now track your exact carbon savings in your account now. Find out more about saving carbon.

Where can I find more information?

Head on over to our FAQ in our docs section where you'll find lots more answers to your questions.