Send Personalised Birthday eCards for Charity

Browse our range of charity Birthday eCards and donate the cost of cards to good causes. Choosing Birthday eCards rather than physical cards reduces your carbon footprint and saves you time.

Our charity partners have designed their own fantastic range of Birthday eCards which you can browse below, choose, personalise, and easily send.

Watermelon holding ice lolly 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard

Help people fighting bad housing or homelessness

Giraffe 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard

Help protect the

Badger in grass Wildlife Trusts birthday ecard

Help restore the UK's land and seas

Wallace from Wallace & Gromit in space 'Happy Birthday!' birthday ecard

Help children in Bristol Children's Hospital

Happy birthday cake hooray with candles birthday ecard

Help provide consistent income for UK charities

Happy Birthday balloons

Help prevent breast cancer

Funny Birthday eCards

Orangutan with leaf on his head 'Happy Birthday!' funny birthday ecard

Help save Sumatran orangutans

Cartoon dog 'That's a lot of dog years!' funny dog birthday ecard

Help rehome stray and abandoned dogs

Hare coming out of warren 'Another year, another grey hare!' funny wildlife birthday ecard

Help conserve Somerset wildlife

Dog licking chops 'Did somebody say cake?!' funny birthday ecard

Help rescue abandoned Greyhounds and Lurchers

Animated Birthday eCards

Cartoon dog 'That's a lot of dog years!' funny dog birthday ecard

Help rehome stray and abandoned dogs

Dinosaur and snail blow out candles 'Happy Birthday' animated birthday ecard

Get children and families reading

All Birthday eCards

Cupcake animated 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard

Support young people with cancer

Rabbit holding birthday cake with candles 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard

Help rescue rabbits with complex health needs

Tree topped cake dripping icing trees 'Happy Birthday!' birthday ecard

Help plant trees in urban areas

Dogs cartoon 'Happy birthday' birthday ecard

Help abandoned

Horse galloping in field 'Happy Birthday' birthday ecard

Protect horses, donkeys and mules

Gin bottles tied to balloons 'Let the celebrations be-gin' birthday ecard

Help people affected by Parkinson's

Sooty, Sweep and Sue around birthday cake 'Sooty Happy Birthday' birthday ecard

Help change the world one smile at a time

Playing musical instruments birthday ecard

Help children with complex needs

Balloons 'Have a lovely day' birthday ecard

Support more than 200 UK national and local charities

Child at the seaside Make a Wish birthday ecard

Help children with life-threatening conditions

Birthday ecard bees flying around sunflower 'Happy birthday!' birthday ecard

Help bumblebees thrive

"Great idea. Help save the planet and support charity at the same time"

Tricia Dendle, via Google Reviews

"I’ll definitely be using your company in future - and telling friends about it too - it’s great!"

Joss, via Email

"An amazing way to share thoughts and cards with loved ones as well as raising valuable funds for charities too – what's not to love?"

The Mintridge Foundation

"Great site with new innovative ideas. Big support to our charity and very easy to navigate and use the site."

Andrea Kelly, via Google Reviews

About Charity Birthday eCards

How does it work?

After you choose a charity birthday card design above you then:

• Donate what you would have spent on a birthday card
• This is via PayPal or credit card
• You can then finalise and send your e-cards

What volume of ecards do I get?

You are assigned a volume of up to 5 e-cards to send.

Why electronic birthday cards?

Feel good about making an eco choice for birthday cards online and celebrating someone special with a gift to your charity of the cost of cards. You are not out of pocket as you would have spent that amount on cards and stamps anyway!

Can I see if they are sent and opened?

Yes we have delivery reports available showing you the status of each of your birthday ecard sends.

Can I send personalised birthday eCards?

Yes when you use our system you are sending birthday email cards with your custom messaging tailored to your recipients.

When you go to use your assigned volume of electronic birthday cards you can personalise the Message and From name.

Sending personalised birthday ecards is better for the environment – in comparison to sending printed birthday greeting cards or printed personalised birthday charity cards.

How much shall I give?

For single cards e.g. Birthday, you can send up to 5 ecards for your donation of the cost of a card and stamp e.g. £3, £4.

You aren't restricted to giving the cost of cards. We see very generous people give £50 or £100 or more for a birthday card for example.

We have a comprehensive docs section with FAQs and more if you have further questions. Find out more – go to docs.

For online birthday cards

Are you tired of always remembering to send printed birthday cards or birthday cards online? Time to stop wasting money and paper!

With DontSendMeACard you can schedule your electronic birthday cards and support your choice of charity with the cost of cards. With each card sent we display your carbon savings in your account along with the total amount sent to charity in lieu of cards. You'll be amazed how much it all adds up to! If you've been looking for a charity birthday cards solution we strive to offer the best-in-class experience.

What if I want to come back later to send?

Once you've made your donation you can come back anytime to send your birthday charity e-greetings online in your account.

Why is this a good thing?

Feel good about making an eco choice for cards and celebrating someone special with a gift to your charity of the cost of cards. You are not out of pocket as you would have spent that amount on cards and stamps anyway!

You can now track your exact carbon savings in your account now. Find out more about saving carbon.

When will my charity receive their donation?

Straight away. Let’s say that you make a donation in lieu of birthday cards, we send your selected charity your donation instantly and at the same time allocate you your designated volume of virtual birthday cards to send.

So you can take care of doing good with the cost of cards – and marking birthdays by sending birthday cards online.

Find out more – how it works for individuals.

Where can I find more information?

Head on over to our FAQ in our docs section where you'll find lots more answers to your questions.

Birthday ecard designs

Find the perfect online birthday card to send to a friends or family member. Feel good about making a donation in lieu of an overpriced birthday card and stamp by helping your choice of charity and saving carbon.

Birthday e greetings can be better than traditional birthday cards. Just take a look at the brilliant charity birthday card designs above including animated options.

General birthday card designs

These are available when your charity hasn't created their own designs so you can still support them.

View all listed charities and find your charity here.