Birthday E-Cards

Send a Birthday E-Card and donate the cost of a greeting card to charity!

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Send birthday ecards
Donation in lieu of greeting card

How it Works

1. Choose a charity
2. Compose a birthday E-Card
3. Donate the cost of sending a greeting card

Get Started by Selecting a Charity

Give the Cost of Cards

Choose from a range of amazing causes to support including children's charities, wildlife conservation, lifesaving research, animal rescue, and more.

Give to charity instead of cards
Green alternative to greetings cards

Convenient & Green

Easily acknowledge someone's birthday in just a few clicks from the comfort of your desk. Feel good knowing that you reduced on card waste too.

Send Birthday Cards

With more meaning! By donating the cost of a card you're increasing the sentiment.

Send Birthday E-Cards
Birthday eCards
Donate instead of cards and stamps

Benefits of DontSendMeACard

Send A Birthday E-Card