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DSMAC Platform


Our platform charges zero fees
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Transaction Fees


+ £0.30 & payouts fee
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Zero platform fee

• You can now leave us an optional contribution on top
What we do with your contributions

Giving amounts

• £1 minimum for individual giving
• £50 minimum for corporate giving

Transaction Fees

Payment methods

• You can donate via PayPal or pay by Debit or Credit card
• No PayPal account required for card payments
• All transactions are processed by PayPal

PayPal transaction fees

UK payments

• PayPal’s fee to process donations securely is 2.9% + £0.30
• A payouts fee of 2% of the donation total with a cap of £10.00 apply

Example on a donation of £10.00

• PayPal’s 2.9% + £0.30 = £0.59
• Payouts fee = £0.18
• Total = £9.23
• With Gift Aid @25% of £2.50 = £11.73

International payments

DontSendMeACard also offers fundraising to charities and nonprofits in the following regions:

• United States – USD
• Canada – CAD
• Australia – AUD
• Ireland – EUR

Donating to an international cause from the UK

• PayPal’s fee to process donations securely is 2.9% + £0.30
• Your donation will be converted into the charities currency by PayPal
• A payouts fee of 2% of the donation total apply with fee caps per currency*

Donating to an international cause from outside the UK

• PayPal’s fee to process donations securely is 4.9% + fixed fee**

Example on a donation of $10.00USD

• PayPal’s 4.9% + $0.30 = $0.79
• Payouts fee = $0.18
• Total = $9.03

* International payouts fees are capped as follows:
• USD 90.00
• CAD 90.00
• AUD 100.00
• EUR 70.00

** Fixed fees for international currencies as follows:
• USD 0.30
• CAD 0.30
• AUD 0.30
• EUR 0.35

Gift Aid

Add 25% with Gift Aid

If your charity has activated our Gift Aid feature, after you make your donation you will be presented with the option to provide your details to process Gift Aid.

Your charity can then claim 25p Gift Aid on every £1 donated, meaning that they can receive over 100% of your original amount given.

Your consented details are only accessible by your charity via a secure download. We're a light-hearted alternative to greeting cards, but we take data protection very seriously.

Individual giving

Give the cost of cards – £1 minimum

There is a minimum donation amount of £1 for individuals. You are then assigned a volume of e-cards for your donation.

We don't restrict how much you give and it is down to you to decide how much you would have spent on cards and stamps.

Volume of 100 e-cards

For single occasions where you would send just one card e.g. birthdays, you are assigned a volume of x5 e-cards to send.

For common occasions where you would send multiple cards at the same time e.g. Christmas, you are assigned a volume of x100 e-cards to send.

Corporate giving

Give the cost of a corporate Christmas card – £50 minimum

There is a minimum donation amount of £50 for companies.

You are assigned a volume of e-cards based on how much you donate. This is so that your donation is inline what you would have spent on producing and posting a corporate Christmas card.

Volumes for companies

Cost per e-card

£1.00 per card on donations of £50
£0.88p per card on donations of £51–£100
£0.66p per card on donations of £101–£200
£0.50p per card on donations over £200


You can go to this example page and input a donation amount in the field
‘enter any custom amount’ to calculate the volume you’ll be able to send.

Example volumes received

£100 = 113 e-cards
£150 = 225 e-cards
£200 = 300 e-cards
£500 = 1000 e-cards
£1000 = 2000 e-cards
£1500 = 3000 e-cards

Using your e-card volumes

You don't have to use the volume straight away and can re-access the order in your account at any time. You can also schedule your e-cards to go out at a later date. This applies to both individual and corporate giving.

Processing times and what you are charged

DontSendMeACard makes each payment instantly. Meaning that charities receive donations right away.

You are never charged any additional amounts. You simply donate the amount that you want to plus any additional contribution towards our work and that's all that you will be charged.

E-cards vs charity cards

We stand against the tiny percentages charity cards give and print-on demand sites who force a donation on top and keep 100% of the print profit for themselves in the name of 'charity cards'.

Charity listing

Free for charities

Charities fundraise on our feature-packed platform with no setup-cost or monthly fee.

As innovators of our unique donation in lieu of cards model and a widely trusted organisation, we believe in being fully transparent about our pricing.

A new income stream

We charge nothing to our charity partners to access the platform.

• A new income stream with donations in lieu of cards
• Raise funds for occasions year round
• Add to your Christmas fundraising efforts

There's no monthly-fee or setup fee for charities. Our feature-packed dashboard is a comprehensive fundraising tool for donations in lieu of cards. Features include:

• Upload your own charity artwork
• Control the preset donation amounts on each page
• Access to our dedicated charity resources section with promotional assets you can use
• Card performance tool so you can see which of your designs have performed the best

Corporate artwork

Corporate Christmas e-card

If you are a company that would like to use your own branded Christmas e-card design, we can upload this to our system for you. We charge £50 for this service. *Please note this option is for companies wishing to send e-cards – charities fundraising can upload their artwork for free.

• Supply a 1200x1200 pixel e-card image
• JPEG or looping animated GIF file
• Receive a custom order URL featuring your artwork

After supplying your artwork we will send you a custom URL to place your e-card order. Please tell us which of our listed charities you wish to support when sending us your design. Supply your artwork.

What we do

What we do with your additional contributions

DontSendMeACard is a collaboration between graphic and web development agencies Future Imaging and Web Engineer, both based in Exeter.

We’ve spent considerable time and resources building a high-performing web application that offers an easy-to-use interface, with a secure payment gateway, and a host of tools for promoting and facilitating online giving.

We’re excited to be able to offer a solid platform that users can easily send e-cards and donate on special occasions in replacement of greeting cards. Running the website has overheads. Including:
• Building, continually refining, and monitoring the website
• Creating new features for users, charities and companies to raise funds with
• Customer support
• Promotional costs

Lastly we are continually building relationships with new charities and organisations, and developing website content including videos, blog posts, and imagery to communicate what it is and how it can be used. All of this involves office overhead.