We persistently strive to offer the best-in-class online alternative to wasteful cards.

High-street greeting cards are still prevelant. To make matters worse print on-demand card sites keep cropping up too which just adds to a very current issue—environmental waste. We're creators of a truly carbon-neutral alternative to cards that supports charities and listens to feedback from users, building features that they love to use.

We creatively develop our platform in alignment with our charity partners requirements.

No monthly-fee, no setup cost, and a feature-packed dashboard to fundraise with. Our promise to our charity partners of gaining an additional income stream requires minimal setup overhead. We also customise and build specific features for our charities and support fundraising in five different currencies – GBP, USD, AUD, CAD and EUR.

We are driven by the right team for a task that requires tenacity and infrastructure.

Because we're a team of web designers and developers we have the in-house experience and skills to offer a user-experience deserving of our generous donors. Coupled with the technical ability and infrastructure to run the servers and manage the volume of traffic the initiative attracts.

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