Send Personalised Thank You eCards for Charity

Browse our range of charity Thank You eCards and donate the cost of cards to good causes. Choosing Thank You eCards rather than physical cards reduces your carbon footprint and saves you time.

Our charity partners have designed their own fantastic range of Thank You eCards which you can browse below, choose, personalise, and easily send.

Wallace & Gromit Thank You ecard

Help children in Bristol Children's Hospital

'Thanks loads' thank you ecard by Emily Coxhead

Help change someone's life and spread kindness

Penguins hug thank you ecard

Help people fighting bad housing or homelessness

Joanna Lumley thank you ecard design

Help provide specialist nurses to seriously ill children

Bird song Wildlife Trusts Thank You ecard

Help restore the UK's land and seas

Homeless dog hug teddy thank you ecard

Help pets belonging to the homeless

Orangutan hanging upside down Thank you ecard

Help save Sumatran orangutans

Dog lick thank you ecard

Help rehome stray and abandoned dogs

Elephants Pattern Thank you ecard

Support more than 200 UK national and local charities

Sooty and Sweep thank you ecard

Help change the world one smile at a time

Horse-some thank you ecard

Protect horses, donkeys and mules

Thank you! Thanks ecard

Help people affected by Parkinson's

Gerald Scarfe card design

Help provide specialist nurses to seriously ill children

What features can I expect to see in the charity ecard platform dashboard?

We've worked hard to build a feature-packed dashboard to fundraise with. Features include:

Edit and create your own ecard fundraising pages, for any special occasion. Tailor each fundraising page by editing the title, subtitle, preset pricing, and upload your own ecard designs – including support for animated GIF designs.

Monitor the performance of each design uploaded. This then informs you of which are most popular, very handy for promoting, and which to replace.

Collect the data to process Gift Aid and for contributors to elect to hear more by Email, in a fully GDPR compliant system.

Is there a charge to join as a charity or nonprofit?

There's no monthly fee or setup cost to join. 100% percent donated goes to your charity. Contributors are provided the option to leave us an additional tip. View pricing.

We support fundraising from multiple regions in five different currencies – GBP, USD, AUD, CAD and EUR.

Are you the innovators of this model?

Yes. We are the innovators of the charity eCard fundraising platform. We brought our innovation to the world of fundraising in 2015 and have been trailblazing ever since. By partnering with us you can expect early access to our new features and developments giving you a competitive edge when looking at new fundraising methods.

Do you offer customisations?

We do offer a number of optional paid customisations on top of the free access to the fundraising features. For example, you can instruct us to create a custom mail template – designed in your style so all eCard recipients receive branded emails. You can find our rate card in the charity account dashboard after registering.

What resources will I have to fundraise with?

We have a library of graphics, videos, animated GIFs, and pre-written copy that you draw upon for general awareness and for specific occasions. You’re welcome to use, edit, and modify these to build your own promotional campaigns. We also send you tips and insights into fundraising performance from our experience with the 1000+ charities that we have already run campaigns with.

Find out more – how it works for charities.

How does DSMAC work for company Christmas cards?

When you decide that your organisation wants to make a responsible choice for your corporate Christmas greeting, you can donate what you would have spent on producing a personalised corporate Christmas card to your choice of charity, and then send a virtual Christmas ecard instead.

Customers and partners will see your customised festive Christmas greeting, along with a corporate ecard design created by your choice of cause.

What volume of ecards do I receive for my corporate Christmas card donation?

Volumes assigned are tiered based on how much you give:
    • £1.00 per card on donations of £50
    • £0.88p per card on donations of £51–£100
    • £0.66p per card on donations of £101–£200
    • £0.50p per card on donations over £200

The easiest way to view the volume of cards that you'll receive is to pick a card and input your donation amount and we'll show you on the page.

Can you give me an overview of the functionality for sending corporate ecards?

After donating you can then use your assigned volume of ecards. From your account you can access a dedicated send page that multiple users can send your assigned volume from. When sending your corporate e Christmas card you can opt to display how much you donated in lieu of cards.

To send you can either input a list of email addresses or upload a CSV file of contacts. You can edit the ecard Message and From Name between sends if you’d like to personalise to various recipients. Personalise your cards to groups of recipients e.g. on a volume of 500 cards – send one message to a CSV of 250 contacts and another message to a 2nd CSV list of 250.

What branding options do I have?

You can upload your company logo to be featured in the ecard email – this feature is included in your donation. We also offer a custom service giving you the ability for you to use your own company Christmas ecard design. Find out more here.

Find out more on how it works for companies.

General Thank You card designs

Standard card designs are available when your charity hasn't created their own designs so you can still support them.