Use Cases


Raising almost 90% more than expected with a 386% ROI

Shelter made full use of online greeting card alternative over the festive period, fundraising almost 90% more than they originally expected.

Shelter are continuing to work with DontSendMeACard after enjoying an ROI of 386% from their first year. Read the full article on our blog.

Latest quote from Shelter

Going into our third year now of running successful campaigns on this incredible platform.
Alison Lewis, Senior Digital Fundraising Executive, Shelter

Brain Tumour Support

Floored by £457 receipt after first day

Brain Tumour Support phoned us the day after joining DontSendMeACard, explaining that there "must be a mistake" as they had already received their first donation of £457 – but hadn't had a chance to communicate the initiative at all yet to their supporter base.

We were happy to explain that this wasn't an error and that a company had found our site and selected their cause to support for their Christmas e-card. This is one of the benefits of becoming one of our listed charities – gaining access to new donors from our own following and popularity.

We signed up for DontSendMeACard recently, and were floored that the very next day we received our first donation of a massive £457! This was without any promotion from our charity. We are now receiving a number of donations after sharing the initiative with supporters.
Brain Tumour Support

Dogs Trust

Good use of humour

We're a light hearted alternative to greeting cards and Dogs Trust have tapped in to that brilliantly with their e-cards that they have created. View Dogs Trust creative.

Thames Hospice

A focused campaign towards corporate supporters

Thames hospice made particular use of our corporate Christmas e-card pages, by inviting their corporate supporter base.

The charity developed attractive e-card artwork that fits in with their own brand but also appealing to send as a corporate user wishing to mark the end of the year. View corporate e-card campaign.

Tibet Relief Fund

Celebrating Tibetan New Year with Losar e-cards

The DontSendMeACard platform offers the ability to generate new occasion pages. The title, subtitle and e-card artwork is all configurable.

Tibet Relief Fund are a perfect example of utilising this functionality with their unique Losar e-cards (Tibetan New Year). We're delighted to see that these have proven to be very popular each year.

Rain Rescue

Not having to build and maintain their own e-card system

Charities such as Rain Rescue want to offer a solution for donations in lieu of cards, but don't necessarily wish to build and maintain their own system for doing so.

We have consistently raised more money each year with the DontSendMeACard platform. With the ability for us to use our own e-card artwork, we are able to offer a solution for cards to Rain Rescue supporters, without having to build and maintain our own e-card system.
Lauren, Deputy Charity Manager, Rain Rescue