Father's Day

Send a Father's Day E-Card and donate the cost of a greeting card to charity!

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Father's Day Cards
Father's Day

How it Works

1. Choose a charity
2. Compose a Father's Day E-Card with a message
3. Donate the cost of sending a greeting card

Give the cost of a card on Dad's behalf. Choose a charity that Dad cares about:

Get Started by Selecting a Charity

Give the Cost of Cards

Choose from over 50 amazing causes to support including children's charities, wildlife conservation, lifesaving research, animal rescue, and more.

Giving to charity instead of sending cards
Environmentally friendly cards

Convenient & Green

Easily send a Father's Day cost from the comfort of home. Feel good knowing that you reduced on card waste too.

Send Father's Day Cards

With more meaning! By donating the cost of a card you're increasing the sentiment.

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Pledge a donation in lieu of greeting cards

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