Send Personalised Mother's Day eCards for Charity

Browse our range of charity Mother's Day eCards and donate the cost of cards to good causes. Choosing Mother's Day eCards rather than physical cards reduces your carbon footprint and saves you time.

Our charity partners have designed their own fantastic range of Mother's Day eCards which you can browse below, choose, personalise, and easily send.

Happy Mother's Day card
Hare 'I get my good hare from you' funny Mother's Day ecard USA
Project Chimps Mother's Day ecard USA
Mother's Day ecard
Donut in sunglasses holding lolly 'Hey sugar' Mother's Day ecard
Mother Elephant and baby Mother's Day ecard USA
'You are the cat's Meow' Mother's Day ecard Tree House Cats USA
Dog in heart shape 'Happy Mother's Day' Mother's Day ecard
Rabbit in field 'Hoppy Mother's Day' Mother's Day ecard
Staffy dog with flowers in mouth 'I dug these up for you' Mother's Day ecard
Mother and child in heart shape 'Happy Mother's Day' Mother's day ecard
'Happy Mother's Day' pink ecard
'Relax it's Mother's Day' Mother's day ecard
'Happy Mother's Day' Mother's day ecard
Orangutan mother holding baby 'Happy Mother's Day' Mother's day ecard
Gromit from Wallace & Gromit 'You're bloomin' lovely' Mother's Day ecard
'Love you, Mum' Mother's Day ecard
Wildlife Mother's Day ecard
'You're my pot of gold' Mother's Day ecard
Mother's day ecard 'Have a lovely day'
Poppies Mother's day ecard
Cat and dog 'Thank you for always having my back Mum' Mother's day ecard
Chimps Mother's day ecard
Poppy Mother's Day ecard
Dog 'Thank you for always picking up my poo!' Mother's day ecard
Bug and baby bug Mother's day ecard
'Mum's are like buttons they hold everything together' Mother's day ecard

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Olivia, DontSendMeACard user

"Brilliant idea and execution!"

Paul Verschueren

"Brilliant organisation!"

Naomi Evetts, Forever Hounds Trust

"An amazing way to share thoughts and cards with loved ones as well as raising valuable funds for charities too – what's not to love?"

The Mintridge Foundation

About Charity Mother's Day eCards

Send a heartfelt card without the waste

Send a Mother's Day ecard and save some paper, reduce your carbon footprint and help your choice of charity!

DontSendMeACard is a great way to support a cause that you and/or Mum cares about.

100% donated to charity

We have zero platform fees and the only charges on your donation amount are the transaction fees by the payment gateway, PayPal.

You can choose to leave us an optional tip of a percentage on top of the card donation cost when making the donation.

Mother's Day cards that actually give back

How much does that printed charity card actually give to the charity? A measly 10p or 15% of the price?

What a con. Or even worse print on demand sites that charge a separate donation amount on top of what you pay for the card, and keep the entire "charity card" profit for themselves.

How much shall I give?

For e Mother's Day cards we suggest to give what you can. If you were going to spend for example £5 on buying a Mother's Day card then we suggest to donate the same amount. You are then assigned 5 e-cards to send.

We don't restrict you based on how much you give however. If you were going to spend £10 on a fancy card and £25 on a Mother's Day gift, then you can donate £35 to include the cost of the card and gift.

Will I know Mum received my eCard?

Yes we offer a comprehensive delivery reports feature in user accounts where you can view the send status of your e-card.