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About Love146

Love146 is a human rights organisation working to end child trafficking and exploitation. We currently operate across London and Hampshire providing specialist survivor care, prevention education, professional training and empowering movement.

Our survivor support services safeguard trafficked children and young people from abroad that are found within local communities; substantively through the provision of specialist accommodation and carers. Activities include providing immediate protection in a safe and supported setting as well as delivering long term services. We work directly with children and young survivors of trafficking, their carers, legal representatives, the law, teachers, specialist medical support agencies and all other agencies involved in their care.

We also provide training and support to social workers and other frontline personnel with whom trust is built, in order to ensure the breaking of the child’s link with traffickers. This occurs in an environment that fosters safe self-sufficiency into young adulthood.

In order for Love146 to maintain our exceptional success rate in safeguarding vulnerable, trafficked young people, many factors in the process have to be made secure. The recruitment and training of Love146 carers and social workers is specific to the needs of a trafficked child and appropriate accommodation is needed in response to the abuse they have endured. The time available to meet their daily needs, and provide a safe and secure environment for healing and restoration means that suitable accommodation and care must be provided at all times necessary.

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