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Common Questions

How do I get back to send my e-cards?

You can access your e-card orders in your account anytime under Your Orders.
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I'm having trouble accessing my account what can I do?

Please read our FAQs on setting up a password and receiving password reset emails.
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How do I upload our own charity e-cards?

From the charity dashboard click on Resources and go to Upload E-Cards.
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How does it work?

Please check out our PDFs below answering your enquiries:

Guidance PDFs

User Guidance

Common questions answered about sending e-cards and user accounts

User PDF

Corporate Guidance

How it works for companies and the options you have as a corporate supporter

Corporate PDF

Charity Partner Guidance

Guidance and common questions about using the platform to fundraise

Charity Partner PDF

New Charity Enquiries

Your questions answered about registering and how it works for charities and nonprofits

New Charity PDF