We appreciate that you may have questions before or after giving to your choice of charity – please first check our FAQ.


Our preferred method of contact is email. We aim to respond within 24 hours. Submit your support request by emailing us.

Or for anything else please contact.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

1. “I made my donation and want to go back to send more e-cards, how can I do that?”

After you made your donation you would have been sent an automatic email from DontSendMeACard which contains a link stating “Click to send up to 100 e-cards.” Click that link and you can go back to send more cards.

2. “I didn’t receive my URL to send my cards, how can I get it?”

Please click on the activation link sent to you to access your account, or contact us to resend your URL to you.

3. “I can’t complete my payment via credit card as PayPal wants me to sign in.”

PayPal will encourage you to login if you have currently or previously linked the card you are using to an account. If you do have an active PayPal account we advise to login and pay using that instead.