Exeter, October 2019

Startup turns greeting cards into cash gifts for over 400 charities

The DontSendMeACard.com team have released a new user account version that they claim is a comprehensive alternative to greeting cards – tapping in to the £1.7bn card market in the UK.

The venture have been scaling up their user base for five years and as a result had the opportunity to take on board feedback from charity partners and donors to build features they want to use.

"The intention is to move entirely away from cards and support charities with the cost." says Alex Furness, co-founder.

The result is a system that enables individuals to keep track of special occasions, schedule e-cards in advance, and track their carbon savings from donations in lieu of greeting cards.

"Many have had a go at providing an alternative to buying high-street cards." says Alex. "Our differentiator is that our users not only get to give back and help the environment, but mark occasions in a fun way too."

"So we're seeing people stick to our model and our new account version progresses this massively into a complete solution for cards year-round." Alex adds.

After making your first gift to charity DontSendMeACard will email you an activation link to access your account.

The platform has attracted over 400 charities to date, including a number of large names including Salvation Army, Shelter and Dogs Trust to name a few.

Charity partners can make use of the platform's functionality to design and upload their own e-card designs that supporters can send for special occasions.

Alex adds “Many of the unique card designs in our galleries are available exclusively on DontSendMeACard.”

Those that have been looking for an alternative to greeting cards – and charities wishing to receive the cost of cards – can find out more at DontSendMeACard.com


Both large national organisations and small local charities have joined. View all listed charities.

Editors Notes

DontSendMeACard in summary provides:
- The function to send ecards and donate the cost of greeting cards and stamps. View How it Works
- Upon donating up to 100 ecards can be sent to recipients
- An account dashboard for charities to manage campaigns

Using the system:
- Individuals send ecards by selecting a charity and an occasion to send cards for and donating via PayPal
- Charities can register to become a Listed Charity and access a range of fundraising resources
- Companies can support a charity with corporate ecards

- The social enterprise was started in 2013. Founded by Alex Furness of Future Imaging and Craig Lawson of Web Engineer, both based in Exeter.

- How it works in 30 seconds Demo Video
- Read our Mission and Vision
- How charities can benefit from the initiative on Slideshare

"Incomparably wonderful." – Simon Bates, BBC Radio Devon

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