Exeter, England – 5th July 2023

Electronic greeting card sells for $5,000

Electronic greeting cards are fetching four figure sums via e greeting card website DontSendMeACard.com.

The web platform hosts ecards designed by charities, which people can send to friends and family by making a donation.

On 11 June 2023 an anonymous donor gave $5,000 USD (£3,950 GBP) to US nonprofit Project Chimps on DontSendMeACard, to send a Father's Day ecard.

Project Chimps posted on Instagram, "They say a picture is worth 1,000 words… or is it $5,000? Thank you to the very generous anonymous donor who made a random, unsolicited $5,000 contribution in honor of their father!"

DontSendMeACard Co-founder Craig Lawson said, "This may well be a little bit of internet history. There's a Guinness World Record out there for the most paid for a printed greeting card at auction. Have we started the record for the most paid for its electronic counterpart? Regardless it's very exciting to see these figures go to such hard working causes via our very unique ecard software."

The most expensive physical greeting card was sold at auction for £20,000 ($28,158) on 24 November 20011.

1. Most expensive greetings card sold at auction – https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/most-expensive-greeting-card-sold-at-auction


Contact: Alex Furness
Tel: 01392-684450
press [ at ] dontsendmeacard.com


DontSendMeACard and Project Chimps $5,000 ecard
DontSendMeACard and Project Chimps $5,000 ecard
DontSendMeACard and Project Chimps $5,000 ecard
DontSendMeACard and Project Chimps $5,000 ecard
DontSendMeACard and Project Chimps $5,000 ecard

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Editors Notes

DontSendMeACard in summary provides:
- The function to send ecards and donate the cost of greeting cards and stamps. View How it Works
- Upon donating up to 100 ecards can be sent to recipients
- An account dashboard for charities to manage campaigns

Using the system:
- Individuals send ecards by selecting a charity and an occasion to send cards for and donating via PayPal
- Charities can register to become a Listed Charity and access a range of fundraising resources
- Companies can support a charity with corporate ecards

- The social enterprise was started in 2013. Founded by Alex Furness of Future Imaging and Craig Lawson of Web Engineer, both based in Exeter.

- How it works in 30 seconds Demo Video
- Read our Mission and Vision
- How charities can benefit from the initiative on Slideshare

"Incomparably wonderful." – Simon Bates, BBC Radio Devon

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