Cards Done. Feet Up.

Send Christmas eCards with a donation of the cost of cards.
It's easier, and helps your choice of charity.

Save Time and Paper

Save paper. Save fuel. Save yourself the hassle of buying, writing,
and posting all those cards on time.


Choose an eCard, write a message, and send
your Christmas greetings in one hit.


Make a difference by simply giving what you would
have spent on cards anyway.

Unique cards designed by your favourite charities

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How it Works

1. Choose a charity
2. Compose an e-card
3. Donate the cost of sending greeting cards

Try it out, no sign-up required

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The Cost of Cards

• Give what you would have spent anyway on cards
• Loved ones receive personalised e-cards
• Encourages others to give to charity

Even More Reasons Why

• Reduces carbon
• Easier than cards
• Send all of your e-cards at once or individually

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The Official Platform for Donations in Lieu of Cards

Charities large and small trust DontSendMeACard. Register your charity and invite your supporters to give the cost of cards.

Find out how it works step-by-step

Choose your charity to support

Green alternative to cards

In The News

Hundreds of charities to receive donations from e-cards

"Over 260 charities have signed up to, a charity e-card initiative"...

Featured as a trend in
The Telegraph

"People ditching cards for charity donations as part of 'Don't Send Me A Card' trend" ...

Shelter hails charity
ecard system

"Charity almost doubles
expected donations from
ecard initiative"...

Top FAQs

I made my donation and want to go back to send more e-cards, how can I do that?

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How can I register as a charity?

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Will you use my recipient email addresses for any other purpose than for sending my e-cards?

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