A New Income Stream
For Your Charity

Receive donations in lieu of cards by becoming one of our listed charity partners.


Join over 100 UK charities

Invite supporters to send customised e-cards and donate the cost of cards and stamps.

You can do this from your own account dashboard.

Share e-card pages

Fundraise with a range of e-card pages that you can share.

People can then send e-cards and donate the cost of cards.

Corporate Support

Invite corporate partners to:

i. Send company e-cards and give the cost of printed corporate greeting cards e.g. Christmas.

ii. Encourage employees to give as part of a fundraising initiative.

Promotional Materials

Access a host of promotional material via your account dashboard.

Everything you need for a successful fundraising campaign.

Upload Custom Artwork

Upload your own e-card artwork to make your pages unique to your charity and raise more.

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"Incomparably wonderful."

Simon Bates, BBC Radio Devon

"A great alternative to the £1.6bn spent annually 
on greeting cards in the UK."

Michael McGrath, CEO Muscle Help Foundation