eCard system

System Improvements

We've made a number of changes to improve sending e-cards with

Share to WhatsApp and Messenger

You can now share your e-cards to WhatsApp and Messenger. Find out more about this new feature here.

WhatsApp eCard

First name personalisation

It's now possible to set your recipients email and first name in the Recipients box. You can simply add a space after the email address and enter the recipients first name. For example:

' Chloe'

This works for both sending individual cards or a batch of cards to multiple recipients!

eCard recipients

Include a photo

You can now include a photo to be included in addition to the charity e-card design, so you can make your e-cards that much more personal for your recipients.

Add photo to eCard

Vastly improved preview

How we handle the preview of the e-card has been completely overhauled. It's much more responsive and accurate now. The preview lives on its own tab rather than a modal popup as it did before.

eCard preview

View this e-card online

Previously we didn't have an online version of the card in addition to the HTML e-card. This now exists so the option for the recipient to click the button 'View this e-card online' is at the top of the e-card.

Corporate logo upload

We now resize the logo for you to the optimal size, rather than you having to size down your logo yourself before uploading. We apologise to all of our corporate customers for any difficulty in the user experience with this in the past, and would like to assure you that we've put in the time and effort to address this to get it work smoothly as expected now.


We do listen to your feedback, and a lot of the time new features released are in response to customer enquiries. If you have any feedback using these latest additions, or wanted share any thoughts after using the system, please get in touch ↗.

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, May 2022

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