Switch on automatic reminders to send e-cards again the following year

"It's been manic, I'm so sorry"..."Happy belated blah de blah"

You're basically saying "the day you entered this Earth isn't important enough for me to remember".

The answer = don't forget

We totally get it. It's so easy for time to slip by, and you haven't glanced at the calendar for a bit. Then "oh no".

Well, we've got your back.

You can now – at the flick of a switch – receive Occasion Reminders on DontSendMeACard. Super handy for not forgetting!

How to activate Occasion Reminders

After you send an e-card on DSMAC (DontSendMeACard) you can now request that we send you an automatic reminder to re-send e-cards for the occasion the following year.

From your account dashboard, select > Mail Preferences.

You can then toggle Occasion Reminders on/off at any time.

Activate Occasion Reminders from the Mail Preferences tab in your account

How reminders work

For each special occasion that you send e-cards for, we'll send you a reminder a few weeks in advance the following year to re-send for that occasion.

This is particularly useful for:

• When you're in Striking off the Christmas to do list mode
• Other big ones that can slip by... Father's Day, Mother's Day

Activate Occasion Reminders

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Our pledge to make your life easier

We really appreciate your donation in lieu of cards and that you've chosen to move away from printed cards. If that's for just one occasion or for all. We think it's great that you've made an alternate choice.

Our pledge to you is in return to make your life simpler and easier :)

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, May 2021

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