How to write the perfect Christmas card

How to write the perfect Christmas card

Let’s face it, writing Christmas cards can get a bit boring when you’ve got loads of them to do. And if you’re simply writing ‘Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’ like most of us, the people you’re sending to probably aren’t getting much out of it either.

If you want to take it up a notch, you could keep it traditional and opt for adding slightly longer messages such as ‘Wishing you peace, joy, and love this Christmas’, or ‘All the best for a happy and healthy 2024’.

But if you’re looking for ideas to take your Christmas card writing to the next level – without it taking hours of extra time – we’ve got a few ideas.

Make it personal

You can still keep it short and sweet, but why not add a message that shows you’re thinking about them? Perhaps something along the lines of ‘Looking forward to your mince pies!’ for the friend or relative who cooks, ‘Have a wonderful time with your family in Devon’ if you know their plans, or ‘I’ll think of you when I’m watching Christmas Day Eastenders!’ for a soap fan.

For a close family member or friend, you could go for something that’s a bit more personal, like a shared memory. Maybe you had a great time with them earlier in the year that you could mention, for example: ‘Still thinking about our summer camping trip – looking forward to the next one!’

Inject a little humour

You could even make it funny and personal with an in-joke or a touch of humour – like ‘We’ll miss you this Christmas – now who’s going to do the washing up?!’ or ‘Looking forward to the annual Twister tournament – let’s see who ends up on the floor this Christmas!’

Hit the right note

Of course, Christmas can be difficult too, and people may be struggling for all sorts of reasons. If you know that’s the case, sensitive messages such as ‘Thinking of you this Christmas’ and ‘Thinking of you and hoping for a better year ahead’ help acknowledge what they’re going through, and show you care.

Cruse Bereavement Support have some really useful tips for writing a card when someone has died. ‘I know this Christmas will be very different – we’ll all be thinking of you’, is a great suggestion, as is including a message similar to this one: ‘Every time I see a mince pie, I remember your Dad and how much he loved them.’

Add a little extra

But it’s not just about the words. What are you writing with? The use of a proper pen and ink shows you’ve put some real effort into it. Spice things up a bit with a colour other than the usual blue or black – just make sure you choose an ink that’s dark enough for people to read.

Feeling arty? Or is there someone else in the house who is? A tiny sketch always warms the heart. If there are no artists about, how about brightening up your cards with the use of a small festive ink stamp – maybe a robin, a sprig of holly, or a snowflake? This is a great way of making your envelopes stand out too.

Help a charity – and the planet!

Of course, you could also opt for an e-card, helping the environment while also cutting down on your postage costs. And if you choose one that includes a donation to charity, you could even pick one you know is close to their hearts. Supporting a good cause, helping the planet, AND showing people you’ve really thought about them – what could be more perfect than that?

Posted by Melanie May, November 2023

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