Track the delivery status of your e-card sends

You can now track the delivery status of your e-card sends with DontSendMeACard – so you know that your cards and special messages have been sent and opened by recipients.

Here’s the run down on our latest development:

Delivery reports now available in your DSMAC account

When you login to your account and go to Your Orders, you’ll see a new button next to each order entitled ‘E-Card Report’:

E-card reports accessible under each order

Click the E-Card Report button and you’ll be able to see a delivery status report like this one:

Ecard delivery report

Your delivery report shows you the status of each card and allows you to cancel scheduled cards

This allows you to view the status of each of your e-card sends. We break this down by:

• Sent
• Opened
• Bounced


Your e-card was successfully sent.

This is useful if you were unsure if you sent the e-card, or may have input the wrong email address for example. So you can go back and check that it did actually go, and to which exact address.

Alternatively if you closed the browser window or it crashed when sending, you can check here if it went out from our mail server.


Success!! Your e-card was opened by the recipient.

We all wonder sometimes when sending emails or digital messages if they have been lost into the ether. With DSMAC you can be rest assured that your e-card was sent and then opened by your recipient.

We felt that this was important to build in to the system to give the user complete visibility into what has happened with their e-cards.

It’s a little like having your own tracked delivery postal service but without paying for it :)


Check the email address formatting and spelling

If your e-card is marked as bounced, we suggest to first of all check that you input the recipients email address properly and that it was not spelt incorrectly. The majority of bounces are due to the fact that the address doesn't exist. This could mean that the recipient no longer uses this email too.

Send to an alternative address

If your e-card remains unread or is marked as bounced, we suggest to try sending to an alternative email address that you have on file.

More workarounds

We offer more workarounds in the delivery reports in the case of bounces, even with insight into the bounce codes.

Creating an account to access Delivery Reports

Once you’ve made a donation on DSMAC we have your details ready for you to activate an account and access the delivery reporting feature. 

Simply enter the email address that you used when donating. This is typically your PayPal email username. 

Setup a password
Make my first donation first

Best-in-class solution

As per our mission we are dedicated to building and offering the best-in-class solution available. This is why we are trusted by organisations of the likes of Shelter and NPSCC.

What you can expect with us:

Personalise your ecards

Send your assigned volume of e-cards e.g. x100 in one batch. Or personalise the message to each recipient.

Know that they were delivered

See the exact status of each e-card send. Feel good knowing that your special message was received.

We actually send an e-card out – not a URL by email or text

I know this sounds funny, but we’ve actually seen quite a few e-card solutions that claim to offer e-cards, but just generate a link to a webpage. We think is a bit of a copout, and it's not technically an e-card – rather a "browser-card" – where they are sure to sell you on other things on the page.

When you send out an e-card from DSMAC you are brightening up someone’s day with a lively e-card directly in their inbox, not getting them to work for it by sending a URL by email or text and making them fire up their browser to visit a link.

The magic is lost a little we feel with this approach, similar to having to go to the post office to pick up a present someone has sent you.

By having a well designed HTML e-card system, this also allows you to personalise the message of each e-card that you send out.

** Update May 2022. We've now added the option to share to WhatsApp and Messenger in addition to the HTML e-card system. The way that we've created the feature allows for a preview of the e-card and message in WhatsApp for example, as opposed to just an ominous looking URL to share. We wanted to add an update to this content as we're now accommodating both e-cards and online versions. **

Quality ecards

We have wide range of high-quality artwork available as Christmas ecards. Corporate charity Christmas ecard options with higher send volumes are available. Along with a host of other special occasions such as birthday, thank you, thinking of you and more.

Trusted and reliable

If you're looking for an organisation, and system, that you can trust and rely on – you're in the right place.

We hope that you enjoy the new features we've added to the account dashboard and thank you so much for your continual interest and support of the project.

Posted by DontSendMeACard Team, July 2020

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