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Help people fighting bad housing or homelessness

Help people affected by Parkinson's

Help homeless and hungry people

Help rehome stray and abandoned dogs

Help people who live and work in Exeter

Help support sailors, marines and their families

Help people with spinal cord injury

Help pets belonging to the homeless

Help working animals

Help conserve endangered cheetahs in Africa

Help young lives affected by cancer

Help transform lives by getting children reading

Help nurses in crisis

Help children with life-threatening conditions

Help the conservation of birds of prey

Help a leading children’s hospice

Help children with cancer

Help rescue abandoned Greyhounds and Lurchers

Help make a difference to a child’s future

Help people with brain tumour diagnosis

Help find a cure for brain tumours

Help safeguard the future of sharks

Help displaced refugees

Help save Sumatran orangutans

Help protect the environment

Help Tibetans in India and Nepal

Help plant trees in urban areas

Help children with complex needs

Help conserve Somerset wildlife

Help wild gorillas and chimpanzees

Help change lives and communities

Help people affected by hypermobility syndromes

Help people affected by mental illness

Help conserve The New Forest

Help abandoned dogs

Help people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Help people with cerebral palsy

Help prevent drowning in the UK

Help power communities

Help Big Issue vendors

Help animals that need rescuing

Help support Gurkha veterans

Help save pets in crisis situations

Help dogs with keen eyesight

Help people with brain tumour diagnosis

Help provide health care and education

Help rehome domestic animals

Help defeat meningitis

Help save orangutans

Help re-home abandoned animals

Help to rescue dogs

Help save food destined for waste

Charity Christmas eCards

Find the perfect charity christmas ecard to send to friends and family. We also have designs corporate charity ecards. Feel good about making a donation in lieu of Christmas cards by helping your choice of charity and saving carbon.

Charity christmas e greetings can be better than traditional Christmas cards. Just take a look at the brilliant charity christmas card designs above including animated options.

General Christmas card designs

These are available when your charity hasn't created their own designs so you can still support them.

View all listed charities and find your charity here.