Do something special – pledge cards

Pledge the cost of your greeting cards and stamps, and support the work of Dogs Trust!

Give back by giving your card cost


How pledging works

1. Figure out how much you spend on greeting cards
2. Give the amount you spend annually or for life
3. Send everyone an e-card explaining your decision

Calculate your card cost

Carbon savings

Going paperless has never felt better

Feel great at no extra cost

By giving what you would have spent on cards and stamps anyway, you’ll be helping Dogs Trust without being out of pocket.

Carbon savings

The DontSendMeACard Team will personally follow up with an e-certificate of carbon savings from your generous donation and green choice.

Remove the hassle

Remove yourself from reminders to buy cards and the annual chore of the postal deadline. Do something cutting-edge by breaking from a wasteful tradition.

Rekindle relationships

Let loved ones know in your e-card that you'll be in touch in your own way without cards. Re-connect with more phone calls and visits.

How it Works Video

Card costs

Cost per card

First of all, what sort of cards do you typically buy?

£0.50 - cheap
£1.00 - standard
£2.00 - nicer
£3.00 - mid-range
£5.00 - fancier
£6.00 - getting into silly territory
+ More?! Do we have a problem?

The average amount spent on a greeting card is £1.68

Volume of cards

Now have a think and estimate how many cards you're sending in total e.g.:

150 cards @ £3.00 each = £450.00

Amazing how much it adds up to, right!

Postage costs

Now factor in how many you post e.g.:

50 Christmas Cards and 10 Birthday Cards via 1st Class per year @£0.85p per stamp = £51.00

What!!!? ON STAMPS ALONE. Yes, now breathe my dear.

1st Class stamp = £0.85p
2nd Class Stamp = £0.66p

Total donation calculated

Now combine the total cost of cards and stamps. Don't worry if it's not 100% exact. Dogs Trust will still appreciate your donation amount if close enough e.g:

£450.00 on cards + £51.00 on stamps = £501.00 per annum.

How it Works

Sending e-cards

1. Make your donation

• Select an e-card image
• Write a personal message
• Donate the cost of cards via PayPal or credit card

Sending e-cards

2. Send your e-cards

• Edit your message after you’ve donated
• Opt to display how much you gave
• Send individually or in one batch

E-card received

3. Your e-card received

• Loved ones receive an e-card HTML email
• They can follow suit and click 'Do the Same'
• Info shown about your selected cause and their work

Choose a Dogs Trust design to tell everyone you're done with cards!

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