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Charity Registration No. SC016947

About Dundee Blind & Partially Sighted Society

The Dundee Blind & Partially Society which was founded in 1879, is one of the oldest surviving local charities in Dundee. From its formation it has been the main provider of services to visually impaired people living in Dundee.

The Society’s MISSION is working towards a world where all people who are blind or partially sighted enjoy the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities as everyone else

Its VISION is to engage with all our Members to provide a holistic approach and making the Members the centre of our objectives. We will work with integrity and compassion in the aim of reducing feelings of social isolation and loneliness in those with a visual impairment. We will continually work to provide empathy, empowerment and a high quality service to ensure that every Member feels valued.

We deliver daily social activities, including, boccia, bingo, lunches, and accessible, fun exercise groups for both mental/physical welfare and peer engagement.

The Society recognises that the social activities offered are a vital lifeline to its Members, it offers them an opportunity to meet and engage with their contemporaries, participate in group outings, share experiences and for many, it gives them a focus for the day/week ahead.

Learn more at http://www.dundeeblindsociety.org.uk/