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About Cheetah Conservation Fund UK

The mission of the Cheetah Conservation Fund UK (CCF UK) is to increase awareness in the UK about the cheetah and the threats it faces in the wild. The funds that we raise go directly to support the work of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) in Namibia and throughout Africa.

The cheetah is world's fastest land animal, reaching speeds of up to 110 km/hr. It is also the most endangered big cat in Africa and there are just 7,100 left in the wild. We must act fast to secure a future for the cheetah, and all who share the same landscape.

Founded in Namibia in 1990 by Dr. Laurie Marker, CCF is the global leader in research and the conservation of cheetahs. CCF’s mission is to be the internationally recognised centre of excellence in the conservation of cheetahs and their ecosystems. CCF works with all stakeholders to develop best practices in research, education, and land use to benefit all species, including people.

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