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If you like what we stand for, about the cost of overpriced wasteful cards going to charities. Then please share a GIF or an image with your friends and say so. It'll help the underlying cause massively.


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We've prewritten some text you can grab. Please feel free to edit this and share via social media and email or link from your website. Everyone involved in DontSendMeACard including our charity partners really appreciates your input :)

I just discovered! Great initiative for charities by going paperless for cards.

This startup figured out how to turn greeting cards into cash gifts for charities. And it's awesome.

I've always felt that Christmas cards are a waste so this year I'll be using

I'm sending e-cards with a donation of the cost of cards. This helps my charity and reduces carbon. Join me on

Sending traditional greeting cards costs time, money, and our planet. I'm sending e-cards instead with


#greeting cards

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