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About Seerah Foundation

Seerah Foundation is transforming communities and people's lives around the world by providing Islamic education, and sustainable development and livelihood programmes.

Our Mission is to transform communities and people's lives by:

• Providing easily accessible and authentic Islamic educational resources to everyone anywhere in the world. The true message of Islam can itself help eradicate Islamophobia and Extremism.

• Presenting the message of Islam to our youth in new and unique ways through animations, film, and other media. Islam does not change, but the way we present it must adapt to the times to reach across generations.

• Working towards development and livelihood projects to provide sustainable income, energy, clean water and housing. These are basic human rights and needs, and they are Islamic obligations we must fulfill.

• Providing career coaching and personal finance management to enable people to create sustainable livelihoods for themselves and lead more purposeful, rewarding and happier lives.

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