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Charity Registration No. SC050126

About Seawilding

This gift will help to restore the seagrass meadows of Loch Craignish in Scotland. Seagrass is a vital habitat for our marine creatures, but 90% of it has disappeared from around the UK coastline. Seagrass is also vital in the fight against global warming, sequestering carbon up to 35 times faster than the rainforests. It costs £20 per square metre to restore; thanks to you, Seawilding will be able to restore seagrass meadows, increasing biodiversity and making healthier seas.

Seawilding pioneers community led seagrass and native oyster restoration at scale. Seawilding is working with coastal communities to restore these keystone species to Scottish inshore waters in order to enhance biodiversity, improve water quality and sequester carbon.

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