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About NOAH Enterprise

NOAH Enterprise is a charity that works throughout Bedfordshire addressing poverty. we support people who are homeless and, in many instances, sleeping rough.
Our Day Centre offers practical support through the provision of hot meals, showers, laundry, housing advice, resettlement and companionship. We provide a range of healthcare including GP surgeries, Mental Health clinics and a mobile Dentistry. We offer a range of recreational activities at the Centre including computer club, chaplaincy, jobs club and educational English games. In addition, clientele work on gardening projects embrace litter-picking, weeding and lawn mowing. These activities are beneficial to the community but provide a source of recovery of self-esteem, self-worth and dignity.

Our Outreach Team targets rough sleepers, street drinkers and those at most risk. They persuade them to engage with our services and then work with them to start to rebuild their lives.

The NOAH Academy offers a range of training for people to learn key skills and to rebuild their confidence with the aim of helping them to progress towards employment, or active engagement in the community on a voluntary basis, or further training. The Academy is particularly successful with those who struggle to engage in mainstream training.
Training is combined with work experience in a range of employable skills in our Social Enterprise where we restore furniture and refurbish white goods, which we sell, together with new products. The aim is to generate income to put back into the charity and to be a place where disadvantaged and vulnerable people can start to get some structure
back in their lives.

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