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About Fiona Foundation for Kids

The Fiona Foundation for Kids has been set up to care as if she were there. Fiona looked after many children who were in care, sharing her home and love for the moment of time they needed it most. This was either from the day they were born until they were adopted or when their own family could no longer offer them the care that they needed. As a teacher working with young people with special needs she provided the education and inspiration they needed to flourish and reach their true potential. She wanted such help to be available to children everywhere particularly where life was really hard, somewhere where a little help could help mums and children stay together and help themselves. We are here to help make that happen and do what we can to help children across the world.

Fiona Foundation for Kids ensures that our children have enough food, have enough fun and have the chance to stay with their family and thrive, not just survive.

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