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About Breck Foundation

The first key objective of the charity is the protection of children and young people from the effects of online grooming, exploitation and/or exposure to inappropriate conduct through the Internet, social network sites and other electronic communication. We work to empower children, young people and their carers to identify online dangers and to take preventative action.
The second key objective is to raise the general public’s awareness of the issues surrounding the online exploitation of children for the public benefit - in particular the promotion and education in proper safeguarding and understanding of on-line safety for all.
We achieve this by sharing a real-life account of what happens when you are not aware of these dangers and/or do not follow rules to protect yourself. We share the story of Breck Bednar, a 14-year-old boy, who was groomed by an internet predator whom he believed to be a friend. The tragedy that unfolded, culminating with Breck’s murder at the hands of the predator in Essex, lends multiple salient learning points to share with young people.

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