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Charity Registration No. 1135167

About Big Difference Company

Big Difference Company is a charity which grew out of the hugely successful Leicester Comedy Festival. As a charity we aim to promote health & wellbeing through the arts, promote comedy and comedy performance as an art form and use comedy to educate and inspire.

We want to make a BIG DIFFERENCE in as many lives as possible, in particular we create work that tackles access & inclusion, environment and sustainability, equality and diversity, outreach to rural communities and children & young people.

Our aims as a charity are to promote the arts, education & health & wellbeing. We deliver a range of innovative projects using comedy and humour as a vehicle for sharing important messages. Comedy is an incredibly effective way of delivering serious messages, challenging perceptions and beliefs, as well as growing self esteem & confidence and helping put people in the right frame of mind to deal with difficult subject matters.

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