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About Odyssey, Challenging Cancer

We deal with the psychological effects of cancer and are unique in our approach. For the last 25 years Odyssey has quietly been transforming the lives of any adult who has had a cancer diagnosis, by creating a challenging, fun and often ‘life-changing’ adventure for them. Through our programme we help people regain their self-confidence and enjoyment of life. We help people ‘live well’, while living with the uncertainty of cancer. Just like Odysseus’ epic ten-year journey, these adults undertake their own monumental journey. Odyssey takes participants to an unknown destination, where, whilst drawing on the majesty of the outdoors, participants are supportively challenged by a series of physical, creative and artistic tasks during a free 5-day residential programme. In turn these adult cancer survivors overcome the physical and emotional devastation caused by their illness improving the quality of life of not only the participant but also their family, friends and community.

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