What's New

1. Easier to Send

We've made it much easier to send e-cards.

You can now cut and paste all of your contacts email addresses into one box.

2. Post to Facebook

Share your Christmas message and e-card to Facebook.

Your friends and family will see that you donated to your charity in lieu of cards.

See more about how this works or read more on our blog.

3. Animated E-Cards

We've opened up our system to accommodate the good old GIF.

Which means that e-cards can now be animated. Check out our Christmas GIF e-cards beta.

4. Editable

Your e-card is now customisable after you donate.

You can send a Christmas greeting to one friend, and then a different message to another.

Or you can still send the same message to multiple recipients with one click.

5. More Charity Partners

We now have over 80 causes to choose from.

From small local causes all the way up to large national charities.

6. More Occasions

Send e-cards for Birthdays and other popular celebrations.

Christmas and Valentine's Day e-cards have been especially popular as are Birthday e-cards.

7. Corporate E-Cards

We are delighted to be working with responsible companies.

We'll soon be publishing case studies of how we've facilitated e-cards and donations in replacement of sending thousands of company Christmas cards.

Your company can order theirs here with our
corporate e-card service.

Send Your E-Cards And Give Back!