Much Easier Than Cards

Save yourself the hassle of going out and buying, writing,
and posting all those cards on time.


Make a difference by simply giving what you would
have spent on cards anyway.

Post E-Cards to Facebook

How it works

1. Choose a charity
2. Donate the cost of Christmas cards
3. Post your e-card and message to Facebook

e-cards donations

Do more

Up the sentiment behind your greetings.

Example e-card and message being shared to Facebook shown here.

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Add meaning

Facebook is amazing at connecting people. But sometimes you might want to make the extra effort without buying a card.

With our new Facebook feature you can show loved ones that you've gone the extra mile to make your greeting special – by supporting an amazing charity.

e-cards donations

How it Works

Find out how it works step-by-step


Over 50 UK charities to support


Green alternative to cards

Send Your E-Cards And Give Back!