Send e-cards for special occasions


Most popular occasions

• Christmas
• Birthday
• Thank You
• Valentine's Day
• Easter
• Mother's Day
• Father's Day
• New Year

How it works

Custom e-cards

Charities register on to our platform and can upload their own e-card designs. These custom card images are featured in these Christmas gallery pages:
• Christmas e-cards
• Corporate Christmas e-cards

We're currently working on galleries for other occasion types so please come back again soon. In the meantime find your charity to view the occasions and e-cards they have to offer.

General e-cards

You can still support one of our listed charities if they haven't created their own custom e-cards.

When we activate their account we feature our 'general' e-card images so charities without an art department or designer can still receive donations.

Christmas card online alternative

Easily send e-cards versus wasteful paper cards