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Send Christmas eCards with a donation of the cost of cards.
It's easier, and helps your choice of charity.

Post to Facebook

Share your eCard to Facebook and everyone will see that you
donated in lieu of sending Christmas cards.

Save Time and Paper

Save paper. Save fuel. Save yourself the hassle of buying, writing,
and posting all those cards on time.


Choose an eCard, write a message, and send
your Christmas greetings in one hit.


Make a difference by simply giving what you would
have spent on cards anyway.

Send Christmas E-Cards

How it works

1. Choose a charity
2. Compose an e-card
3. Donate the cost of sending greeting cards

Christmas card donations
Facebook ecards

Post to Facebook

New for Christmas 2016! Share your Christmas message and e-card directly to Facebook.

Add extra meaning to your Facebook greetings

Give 110%

At least 100% of the cost of cards goes to your charity after processing Gift Aid on your donation.

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Popular Christmas e-Cards

How it Works

Find out how it works step-by-step


Over 50 UK charities to support


Green alternative to cards

Send Your E-Cards And Give Back!