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Send eCards and donate the cost of greeting cards to a cause you care about.

How it works

1. Choose a charity
2. Compose an eCard
3. Donate the cost of sending greeting cards

Send Greeting Cards
Donate in lieu of greeting cards

Top Benefits

• Your charity gets the equivalent cost of sending cards
• Loved ones receive an eCard and see that you donated
• Quick and easy alternative that reduces waste

Give 110%

At least 100% of the cost of cards goes to your charity after processing Gift Aid on your donation.

Give the cost of cards
Social enterprise

Social enterprise

DontSendMeACard is a social enterprise – which means we’re a company with a purpose that provides good for society.

In our case the cost of buying and sending greeting cards goes to UK charities!

We’re supported by the School for Social Enterprise at Dartington Hall and Plymouth University. In addition to receiving research from the CBCS at Exeter University.

Supporting UK charities

We work with some incredible charities.

If you are a charity that would like to receive donations from fundraisers please register your organisation here.

Charity greeting cards
Send a valentine's e-card

Valentine's Day

Send a Valentine's Day E-Card and donate the cost of a card to a UK cause.

Using DontSendMeACard, you can enjoy:

• A streamlined interface
• No sign-up required
• Over 40 registered UK charities to choose from
• Easy-to-use alternative to sending cards

Put the cost of cards to better use and see your money go to great causes here in the UK!

The DontSendMeACard Team

Send Yours For Valentine's Day